Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iowa Defensive Pistol Class: July 9th - Traer, IA

This is an Iowa specific carry class detailing Iowa code and the fundamentals of carrying and using a pistol for self defense. An excellent course for those looking to further their knowledge base having taken other less informative classes or for those looking for information regarding the recent changes in Iowa law or those looking to renew their permit.

This class incorporates both lecture and range instruction. It is designed to educate the Iowa Permit to Carry holder on the mindset, equipment, tactics, law, and handgun safety associated with carrying a firearm every day for self defense. Learn where you can and cannot legally carry your firearm, the best means of carry, in what situations the use of a firearm may be justifiable and the best tactics involved in deploying your firearm in a self defense situation. Range portion will include working from the holster (if applicable), acquiring multiple targets and shooting at different distances.

This class is for those with a comfortable, working knowledge of their firearm. If you have never fired your firearm before or are not comfortable with its operation we strongly recommend taking the NRA Basic Pistol or Developing Pistol classes before enrolling for this class.

This class will take place rain or shine so be prepared for all weather conditions.

Training Prerequisites:
NRA Basic Pistol or Equivalent, Carry Permit or Relevant Experience

What To Bring:
  • Center fire handgun in good working order (rentals available)*
  • A strong-side belt holster (Not required but strongly recommended)*
  • Minimum 200 rounds of ammunition
  • 2 magazines or speed loaders and carrier(s) preferably more*
  • Note taking material
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Ball Cap (Not required but generally recommended)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection.
  • Water or other soft drinks.
  • State ID

What Is Included:
CIDT student handout
CIDT certificate of completion

This course meets Iowa requirements as well as Florida requirements for their nonresident Concealed Weapons License, if you are interested in applying for the FL permit, inform us at time of registration and we will provide the FL application packet.

Cost: $60 + $10 range fee ($50 + $10 range fee for returning CIDT students)
Maximum of 12 students.

Sign in will start at 08:30 and class will run till 17:30. Students may bring a lunch (bring your own cooler) or travel to Traer for lunch.

See our website for registration information.

*If you do not own a magazine carrier, or speed loaders/carrier or holster, please feel free to contact me and we can make some suggestions on equipment purchases before the class. Rim-fire handguns can be used if certain conditions are present, contact us for more details if needed.

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