About CIDT

Our goal is to provide affordable, quality training for men, women, family, and friends in the Marshalltown, Des Moines, Ames and Waterloo area of Central Iowa. From beginner to intermediate handgun classes let us help you become familiar with a variety of defense options ranging from pepper spray to firearms.We have a variety of classes that meet the requirements to obtain your Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons and will provide you with the necessary training to better defend yourself in a world of uncertainty.

We at CIDT have combined over twenty years firearms experience and nearly fifteen years experience in training and carrying of defensive tools. Let us share our knowledge as a male & female, husband & wife, father & mother defensive team with you. John & Melody Lauer have been NRA Certified Instructors since 2007 and have had permits to carry firearms since 2004 and 2006. John has also been recently appointed an NRA Training Counselor. They have attended multiple training courses from InSights Training Center, Suarez Intl., Langdon Tactical Technology and The Tactical Defense Institute of Ohio.

With a background of Military service, firearms retail & range instruction, and providing guidance in the concealed carry lifestyle as well as a background in competitive shooting we are bringing some of the most basic and comprehensive training classes concerning self-defense to central Iowa.