Thursday, April 28, 2011

Changes in Rental Pistols.

We no longer have the Glock 21SF available for a rental gun (rentals are for students only) but now have a H&K HK45 in it's place.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where can I get...

Along with questions about skill upkeep and carry related questions we get a lot of questions about where we get some of our supplies.

Most of our targets come from one of two places, either or National Target, locally there just aren't any good options and what you'll pay for targets at gun shops has always been ludicrous. I like the 50' reduced B24 silhouette targets for the in-door range at the Iowa River Gun Club along with the 50yard slow fire B-6(P) as they completely fill the target backer there. For out-door classes I really like the targets available from National Target. Of course there's always your standard IDPA and USPSA targets available form may sources, these are just some of what I have found that fit our needs rather well.

Ammunition has been the biggest issue over the last couple of years. In Iowa .45ACP and .380 are still pretty scarce and if you can't find any in your area there are three places I order ammunition from and I'm looking into a third. We've ordered a lot of "target" ammunition from, Natchez Shooters Supply and occasionally Georgia Arms, for ammunition to be used for defense, I generally order from two places, Tactical Defense Soloutions and Ammunitiontogo. Between them you should be able to get a decent price on ammunition.

For your run of the mill firearms accessories, I like Brownells as they are local to Iowa and have one heck of a return policy. Generally if I order before lunch I can have my stuff next day, two days max. Midway USA is another good source for many products and they probably offer one of the best possible range bags available, the Midway Competition Range Bag. Brownells gets most of my business, I'm a fan of supporting local businesses and Brownells has always done me right. I particularly like if I'm in the area I can drop in and pay cash and get a discount.

That pretty much covers the non-local stuff. If you want to get your hands on gear in Iowa, it pretty much means a trip to Scheels, generally they're overpriced but there's a severe lacking of good gun shops in the state. Roberts Gun Shop gets good reviews, and there's a nice shop up in Fort Dodge, Kieth's Outdoors that has fair prices and a decent selection. Other than that your best bet to window shop is at a gun show, but I hate paying an entry fee to browse.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Keeping the Skills Sharp

Many students have asked how to go about staying sharp on the skills they learn in our classes. Fist and foremost dry practice is highly recommended. It's cheap, it utilizes gear that you all ready have and will will also help increase gun handling & familiarity. All you need are some spent casings or snap caps and you're ready to go. There are a couple different ways to go about dry fire practice, I tend to just hang a target on the wall of my basement. Dry practice is not for firing only, work your reload skills as well. I have some pads that I stand on to help preserve my mags as the basement floor is concrete, but it pays off. The thing to remember with dry practice is that there is to be NO AMMUNITION anywhere near where you are practicing, and once practice is over, stop handling the gun. The internet is full of stories regarding shot TVs and bedroom walls.

Next up is general range practice, pending on what's available you may be limited on what you can do at the range. Fixed firing points, rules prohibiting working from the holster etc. can put a damper on your improvement, but it's better than nothing. if you have a friend to go with you you should shoot in pairs as one can watch what you're doing and provide feedback.

My favorite means of skill maintenance is currently competing at the local level in IDPA and every once in a great while USPSA, I want to attend more of the USPSA shoots and get a better feel for it, but between being a home owner, husband, father, full time radio technician, part time instructor, etc I can't shoot nearly as much as I want to. I try to make one match a month, thankfully in central Iowa I'm close to plenty of clubs that cater to IDPA and USPSA.

Permit Renewal Shoots

Iowa code requires one renewing their Iowa permit to carry weapons to either take another class or "qualify" on the range with either a law enforcement or NRA instructor. If you are looking to renew your permit and want to perform a requalifiation shoot (usually takes less than an hour) you can email John Lauer  to schedule your renewal shoot. We shoot our renewals in Traer, IA and Marshalltown, IA.

The range in Marshalltown is just north of US 30 which would be be the better location for permit holders in the Ames, Grinnell and Newton areas. Permit holders residing in the Blackhawk Co. area, Trear would be preferred.

Your renewal training or requal shoot must have occurred within one year of your renewal date, and your renewal paperwork must be submitted 30 days prior to the expiration of your current permit.

Renewal shoots cost $25 for up to one hour of ranger time and consist of firing a minimum of thirty shots at distances of 5, 7, and 10 yards. Twenty-four of those thirty shots must  be inside of an 8" circle. If additional time is needed, there will be a $5 charge per half hour.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Future Training Oppurtunities

We are currently negotiating with the Izaak Walton League of Marshall County regarding the usage of their clubhouse and range for classes in the Marshalltown area. If things go as planned we will hopefully be able to start offering the NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside of the Home (PPOH) in July.

Melody is enrolled in the NRA's Refuse to Be a Victim (RTBV) instructor course this June and we will be adding that to our curriculum as well. We will most likely be seeking another venue for the RTBV classes and my try to have the YMCA in Marshalltown host these classes for us.

We will not be holding any classes the month of May as we are attending training classes of our own as well as the NRA PPOH Instructor Course. I will be taking Pistol II and III at the Tactical Defense Institute of Ohio to meet the pre-requisites for their Team Tactics Course. Melody was going to attend these as well but as she will be into her second trimester with our second child that much shooting is not advised.

We hope that next Spring she will be able to attend the level II and III class so that we can take their Team Tactics Course and better develop a curriculum for a Couples Concealed Carry Course to be offered in 2012.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

CIDT Iowa Defensive Pistol Class - April 30th - Traer, IA

This course is cousin to the Wolf Creek Carry Class offered last fall, it is an Iowa specific carry class detailing Iowa code and the fundamentals of carrying and using a pistol for self defense. An excellent course for those looking to further their knowledge base having taken other less informative classes or for those looking for information regarding the recent changes in Iowa law or those looking to renew their permit.

This class incorporates both lecture and range instruction. It is designed to educate the Iowa Permit to Carry holder on the mindset, equipment, tactics, law, and handgun safety associated with carrying a firearm every day for self defense. Learn where you can and cannot legally carry your firearm, the best means of carry, in what situations the use of a firearm may be justifiable and the best tactics involved in deploying your firearm in a self defense situation. Range portion will include working from the holster (if applicable), acquiring multiple targets and shooting at different distances.

This class is for those with a comfortable, working knowledge of their firearm. If you have never fired your firearm before or are not comfortable with its operation we strongly recommend taking the NRA Basic Pistol or Developing Pistol classes before enrolling for this class.

Under Construction.

Events and updates coming soon. For more information regarding our Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons classes see our website, Central Iowa Defensive Training.