Thursday, May 19, 2011

"School" is Never Out

During the course of the remodeling of our home, our son was playing with a paper target and one of the contractors found it, my wife and he got talking and she informed him that we are both instructors, they made a little small talk and the guy mentioned that he is a permit holder and that during his class there was shooting going on elsewhere and he could hardly hear the instructor during class. My wife informed him that we have an upcoming class if he'd like a refresher. His reply was "I have my permit, school's out"

This is the wrong attitude to have, "school" is never out, there is no one class that is the end all - be all of carry courses and while it may not be financially possible to attend every class there is, one should be open minded and cognizant that there is always room for improvement and more education on certain topics, going armed is one of them.

We should be perpetual students regarding the carrying and use of arms.

Be cool, stay in school.

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